Duofilm 15mL

Duofilm 15mL




1. Remove any plaster and soak the warts in hot water for five minutes. Dry with own towel.
2. Rub the surface of the warts carefully with a pumice stone or manicure emery board.
3. Apply Duofilm directly to the warts, using the brush applicator supplied. Use only enough Duofilm to cover the warts and avoid applying to the surrounding normal skin.
4. Allow Duofilm to dry and cover with plaster if wart is large or on the foot.
5. Continue treatment with Duofilm once daily until the wart is completely cleared and the ridge lines of the skin have been restored.


- For external use only.
- Use only on common warts.
- Do not use on moles, birthmark or unusual skin growths.
- Do not treat warts over large areas at one time.
- Duofilm may make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and other sources of UV light.
- Sun exposure should be limited by using a sunscreen and by wearing protective clothing.
- Transient stinging or irritation may occur when using Duofilm. If irritation persists, discontinue use.
- If you have sensitive skin, test Duofilm before applying it to a large area.
- Do not use on infants or very young children unless with medical advise.
Do not use;
- if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of Duofilm.
- on face or anogenital regions
- if you are diabetic or have impaired circulation
- if the wart or skin surrounding it, is red, irritated, broken or infected.


Salicylic Acid (16.7%) and Lactic Acid (15%)


Salicylic Acid (16.7%) and Lactic Acid (15%)

Catalogue Mandatory Statements

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Suitable For

For the treatment of warts

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